Professional Firework Displays for over 20 years

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Old British Fireworks Selection Box"Nothing quite like the excitement of Fireworks"

In the UK for over 600 years (even before the Gunpowder Plot!), Fireworks have entertained, captivated and amazed people within the UK. Despite social media, Hollywood special effects and the proliferation of ever more distractions, absolutely nothing compares to the excitement and amazement of a Fireworks display.

From our beloved British Fireworks brands such as Standard, Astra, Brocks and others, millions within the UK have incredibly fond memories of their own first fireworks experiences. For us (Specifically Ed our Founder!) the obsession started as a very young child before he can even remember!

We continue that tradition and offer an entirely bespoke (award-winning!) Fireworks Display service to all areas of Surrey, Kent, Sussex and beyond.

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